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The Hematope was an 81-ton schooner built in 1845 by John Gavey in Paspebiac, Quebec for Charles Robin & Co.  Her dimensions were 70ft long, 17.1ft in the beam and 10.1ft deep.  Her Official number was 9514 and her Commercial Code signal was KHQF. Robin brought her registry to Jersey in February 1846.


On 19 February 1855 she was sold to John Hardley & Co who kept her until July 1859 when she was once more bought by a  Robin – Charles William Robin. During this tome her measurements were changed and she was registered as being 76¼-tons, 74.10ft long, 18.2ft in the beam and 10.2ft deep.  In February 1871 she was acquired by Raulin Robin & Co who kept her until the Bank Crash of 1886 when the fortunes of the Robin companies were badly affected.  On 26 July 1886 Gervaise le Gros, Edward de la Perrelle & Elias Collas were appointed trustees in the liquidation of the  estate of the joint owners.


She continued to be operated by Raulin Robin until 1900 when she was sold to Bideford and re-rigged as a 56-ton Ketch.  Her managing owner was then named as William Henry Hutchings of Appledore, between 1910-20 her managing owner was George Eastman of Appledore.


She finally was taken off the register in 1923.


The name Hematope is another name for the bird better known as the Oyster Catcher (Hæmatopus ostrilegus)



Every month a ship painting from the collection will be featured here

Hematope     ON 9514

Here the Hematope is shown flying the Pilot jack from her foremast and her signal letters KHQF from the main while the red ensign is flown from the gaff.  The signal flags conform to the earliest  code 1857-1887 after which the F flag changed.

May 2013

Hematope copy