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Boat of the month Archive 2013



January 2013 - The Despatch 


This painting by one of the many anonymous pierhead painters operating in Naples shows the 132-ton schooner-brig Despatch of Jersey approaching the port in 1842.


The Despatch was built in 1839 by George Haptonne in his yard in St Helier  between the French and English harbours at the Folie for Peter Huelin  & Co.  She was 72ft 2ins long, 18ft 5ins in the beam and had a depth 12ft 4ins.  


In January 1840 the vessel was re-registered to Francis Hamptonne & Francis Barreau when Huelin sold his 32 shares for £425.  Barreau bought Hamptonne out in November 1841 and became the sole owner.  The Register shows that she had been lenthened as her new dimensions were  82ft 7ins long, 18ft 1ins in the beam and had a depth 12ft 4ins.


In the painting, the Despatch is flying the Barreau house flag on the foremast and her name pennant on the main.  


In July 1846 she was sold and re-registred in London.

February 2013 -  Harriet L ON 68752


This painting, dated 1855, by Lewis Renault shows the 164-ton brigantine Harriet L of Jersey entering Leghorn Harbour.


The Harriet L (official Number: 11722, Code letters: KTSJ) was built in 1840 as a schooner by George Deslandes in his yard at First Tower for George Falle.  She was 77ft 4ins long, 20ft 4ins in the beam and had a depth 13ft 5ins.  She was re-rigged as a schooner brig or brigantine in 1850.


In the painting, the Harriet L is flying the Geoerge Falle house flag on the foremast and her Marryat code 1dp, 4903 name pennant on the main.  


In March 1856 she was sold and re-registred in London.


The artist, Lewis or Luigi Renault was a talented ship painter born in Italy about 1840.  He was apparently trained by his father Michele Renault (fl. 1840-68), who also specialised in Ship Portraits.  Rednault lived and worked in Trieste and Leghorn (both in Italy).  He painted mainly Italian, British and American sailing vessels.  He was later being appointed marine artist to King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy.


This is one of three ship portraits by Renault the we hold in the collection. The otehr Jersey vessels are the Messenger and the Alabama.

'The brigantine Harriet L of Jersey entering Leghorn - Peter Le Rossignol, Commander, 1855' by Lewis Renault."

'The Despatch of Jersey - Matt de Gruchy 1842' approaching Naples harbour.

'The Sea Flower of Jersey, Balleine Master - 14 December 1839' by an unknown English artist.

March 2013  - The Sea Flower


This painting by an unknown English artists shows the Jersey-built snow Sea Flower battling a gale in the North Atlantic under heavily reduced canvas.  


The Sea Flower was built in 1826 by James Day in his yard at Paspebiac in the Gaspé for Charles Robin & Co.  She was 74ft 5ins long, 19ft 11ins in the beam and had a depth 12ft 3ins.  


In January 1827 the vessel was entered on to the Jersey Register.  She regularly sailed on the Jersey-Gaspé- Mediterranean trade.


In 1836 when the New Measures were introduced she is described as being 136-tons and her dimensions given as 74.4ft x 19.9ft x 12.2ft.  She remained with the Robins until Novemebr 1849 when she was sold to Smith Stobart and the at the end of the following year half her shares were bought by Francis Drake and she was re-registered to Drake, Stobart & Co in January 1852.


In January 1853  she was bought by William Bryant and was lost on the Goodwin Sands on 23 April that year.

April 2013 - The Apollo


This painting of the schooner Apollo at anchor just off the harbour in Palermo was painted by an unknown Sicilian Pier Head painter sometime before 1834.  


The Apollo was built in 1820 in  Bristol.  She was 60ft long, 18ft 3ins in the beam and had a depth 10ft.  


She was bought by the De Quettevile Brothers in May 1822 and re-registered in the Island.  


She was last heard of on 7 November 1841 when she was on passage between Swansea and Messina in Sicily.

'The schooner Apollo, Capt Ph Du Heaume, riding at Anchor in Palermo' by an unknown Sicilian artist.