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From time to time, the Friends publish longer articles of maritime interest than would normally be included in the newsletter. These can be downloaded here:

The development of Jersey boat design

An outline history of the development of boat design in the island by Doug Ford.

Gorey Harbour census

Vessels In Gorey Harbour, St Martin taken from the censuses from 1861 to 1901 compiled by Mary Billot.

The Ship Benches

Around the harbour and Steam Clock are 26 benches carrying the details of Jersey built vessels. Using Doug Ford's guide you can find out what the different types of vessel were, who built them and when.

Naval Training in 19th century Jersey

In the second half of 19th century there were two naval schools in the Island. Here Doug Ford charts the history of the two - one English, the other French.

Jersey Fisheries Survey 1872

In 1872 the Jersey Chamber of Commerce carried out a survey into the state of Jersey's inshore fisheries.  Vic Geary looks at the results of the survey.

The Chinese Junk Keying

An account of the visit to Jersey by the Chinese junk Keying in March 1848 by Nic Joualt.

Jersey Smugglers

Alec Podger uses the Register of Shipping Registers to trace the Jersey-owned vessels arrested for smuggling between 1803 and 1930. 

Philippe de Carteret RN (1737-1795)

Doug Ford's account of the 18th century Jersey-born circumnavigator Philippe De Carteret.

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