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Maritime Jersey

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SeaScape Heritage

These articles of maritime interest were researched and written by Jersey Heritage staff and were originally published in Heritage magazine.

Town Harbour 1771 Mary Ann Le Marquand signature

'My dear Mary Ann' - Letters to Gaspé

Jane Edwards examines family letters from Jersey to Canada that paint a picture of life in the Island in the late 19th century.

 'supported by the General Harmony of the Merchants' - Jersey Chamber of Commerce Archive

Stuart Nicolle looks at the treasure trove of commercial information to be gleaned from records deposited with the Jersey Archive last year (2007) and now catalogued and made available to the public.

Howard D 1937 crew

Howard D. - Jersey's first motorised lifeboat

Doug Ford tells the story of the RNLB Howard D. When she was launched in 1937 she caused quite a stir and her restoration and relaunch in 2008 caused just as much interest.

Maritime Museum 2007 exhibition

Master of the Wrecks - Tony Titterington

Neil Mahrer spoke with diver and historian Tony Titterington about his lifelong love of recovering treasure from Jersey's maritime wrecks.  This is his account.

Prospero figurehead

The Prospero of Jersey

In 2007 a ship's figurehead that saw the world on trading voyages from Jersey during the 19th century has now been laid to rest in the Maritime Museum; Doug Ford looks at the working life of the vessel to which it belonged.

Sir Francis Cook 1948

Fort Regent Signal Station - A new Era.

Doug Ford describes how the 200-year old tradition of weather and shipping signals at Fort Regent has been revived by a team from the Maritime Museum Boat Shop.

Canibals 1826

Eating Flesh - Cannibalism at Sea on board Jersey Ships

Doug Ford looks at a couple of rather 'tasteless' episode of survival at sea by Jersey sailors during the nineteenth century.

Liverpool slave ship 1780

A Respectable Trade or Against Human Dignity

Doug Ford looks at Jersey's involvement with the slave trade.


Daniel Francis Lauzun (1789-1861)

As a 16-year old  midshipman, Daniel Lauzun was one of the Jerseymen who fought at Trafalgar.