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The Merchant Seamen's Memorial

The memorial to Merchant Seamen in the Maritime Museum commemorates the service and sacrifice of islanders who served in the merchant marine in all parts of the world during the First and Second World Wars. 


Although their work was vital to the success of the war effort, they were vulnerable to enemy attack because their ships were generally slow, poorly armed and often loaded with dangerous cargoes.


Due to the lack of adequate records, we are unlikely to know the full number of merchant seamen from the island who died in the service of their country. This is especially so for the Second World War as the Island did not compile a Role of Service following the Liberation in 1945 as had been done in 1919.  Tracing islanders who died at sea is made more complicated as many of their wives evacuated to the mainland and it is this temporary address which is given in records.

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If you have any information on Jersey born or Jersey resident seamen who died while serving in the Merchant Marine then please contact us at our e-mail address ( or by clicking on the MN wreath to the left.

Merchant Memorial Day of Seafarer 2012